Saturday, March 9, 2013

"In the Light"

(Taken from prayer journal, written 2/8/10 during Adoration)

All I want is to be in the light.

I want to feel exposed to God - bearing everything to Him, allowing Him to know me completely (because He does anyway). I don't want to feel I can hide anything, because I can't. God sees all and knows all. My heart is an open book, and if I can accept that, I can listen to His response - His love for me no matter what and His whisperings of what I should be doing and who I should become. Only by accepting His omniscience and His unconditional love can I then feel His peace in my life.

By making friends whose goals are the same as mine, I am hoping to be pushed into this more. By going to a Bible study and actively participating in discussions, I am bringing my faith back to the forefront of my thoughts - which will in tern translate to actions.

I want this - I want You, God. Guide me, strengthen me, chastise me, love me, be patient with me. I will continue to follow, listen, and accept my exposure.

Corn maze


  1. that is beautiful...a simple surrender to God out of a pure longing to know Him. When I read this my guess is that you were at the beginning of something...was this the start of you faith journey, the start of a renewal of faith...or something completely different?

    1. Thanks, Kate! It was the start of a that continues to this day. Around that time I started going to Adoration regularly, a personal goal that I had been making excuses to delay. It's funny how I thought it was so difficult to find the time for Adoration back then, and yet over the years I've managed to add more things to my repertoire of faith activities. It has been gradual and organic since I kick-started my faith - like striking a match and fanning the flame to ignite a fire!