Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All Glory is Yours

Jesus, Holy Trinity Catholic Church Dallas TexasJesus, my God, how glorious are You!
You alone stand firm when the rest of us fall.
You look on us with love, even as we ignore You and instead follow the ways of the world.
Forgive us.

Guide us, help us, walk with us, for only through You can
we gain life and the perfect love that awaits.
We can't begin to imagine this future life, though we can get glimpses of it here.
Make our desire for You grow stronger with each day and with each small glimpse into Your glory.

Open our hearts to fall in love with You.
Open our minds to the wonderful mysteries that we'll never fully understand.
Open our hands to serve, to give ourselves as You gave Yourself completely to us.

Only then will we become one with You and show Your glory to the world.

Jesus, my Lord and my God!

(Written 7/21/16 during Adoration)