About Me!

Welcome to my site! Here are a few facts about me...
  1. I'm Catholic, born and raised - and passionate about it! That's what you'll find most on my blog. Each day, I uncover more about my faith and strive to take small steps down the path God has laid out for me. Get a snippet from my post, "Step by Step".

  2. Playing in the studio
  3. My long-time hobby is dance. I've been taking lessons since I was 10 and still can't get enough of it. I was one of those crazy kids who went away to ballet camp in the summer. Whether it's ballet, Irish, or ballroom...I want to learn it all!

  4. A shrug for a friend
  5. I enjoy crafts but lack artistic ability. My favorite way to be creative right now is crochet - find more about my projects on Pinterest.

  6. I'm an engineer with engineer parents and two engineer brothers. Yes, dinnertime conversations in our house were always interesting! My brother and I amuse ourselves in weird ways - check out what we did one Sunday afternoon with Buckyballs. Oh yeah...and I bleed Duke blue!

  7. A playground in Sydney, Australia
  8. I love adventure...and heights. I've gone skydiving, done high ropes courses and ziplines, ridden a camel, gone on a dogsled ride, climbed a building, explored catacombs, slept out in a tent for basketball tickets, learned to wakeboard and downhill ski, taken classes in tightrope walking and trapeze, and been on terrifying roller coasters.

  9. Embracing the cold in Alaska
  10. I don't like cold weather, yet I have willingly lived in the Midwest for 5 years. I grew up in the South and long to move back to warmer climates! Alas...I am where I am, and I'll stay here until I leave.

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